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    About us

    Know About The Glasier Wellness Inc.

    Glasier Wellness Inc. is a Pharma manufacturing and drug manufacturing company based in Ahmedabad, India. was founded on March 3, 2015, by Mr. Rajesh Modi, Ms. Jignasha Modi, and Mr. Ridham Modi. The company's headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The main goal of Glasier Wellness is to reach out to people and offer a range of products related to dermatology, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. They have a collection of over 220 different products designed to enhance your body and overall health.

    Since its inception, the company has achieved impressive success. On average, it's been growing around 20-25% every month. This remarkable achievement is attributed to their high-quality products and a dedicated team of employees who work tirelessly. They have suppliers located in various places such as Daman, Rajkot, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Baroda, Ahmedabad, and Punjab. Their distribution network covers several states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, and Jharkhand. They are also planning to expand their reach further across the country.

    Glasier Wellness, a prominent drug manufacturing company and pharma manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, was established on March 3, 2015, by Mr. Rajesh Modi, Ms. Jignasha Modi, and Mr. Ridham Modi. The company, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is known for its commitment to providing a wide range of dermatology, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. With a comprehensive catalog of more than 220 items, Glasier Wellness focuses on improving body and health.

    Since its inception, the company has achieved remarkable success, experiencing a consistent monthly growth rate of 20-25%. This exceptional progress can be attributed to the company's top-quality products and the dedicated efforts of its diligent workforce. The company's supplier base spans various locations including Daman, Rajkot, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Baroda, Ahmedabad, and Punjab. Their extensive distribution network covers states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, and Jharkhand. The company has plans to further expand its presence, even reaching into the heartland of the country.

    Additionally, Glasier Wellness stands out as a leading Best PCD pharma franchise company in Ahmedabad, further solidifying its position in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Why Go With Glasier?


    The company's mission is to offer a wide range of high-quality, reasonably priced pharma products and services to the entire human race in order to promote health and treat medical disorders.



    Our goal is to innovate products and advance technology, enhancing our position as we pursue leadership in the pharmaceutical industry and related fields.

    Our Team

    Our Team

    The diversity of our team members contributes to the development of our organisation's holistic, high-performance culture, which has an impact on our financial performance.


    Pharma Products Manufacturing Company

    We only use companies that are WHO GMP certified to manufacture all of our products. All of our staff have been taught the essential principle of quality, which strengthens our dedication to our clients. Our products are put through rigorous testing supported by quality control procedures that guarantee conformity with global standards.

    All of the products we provide are guaranteed to be precise. We prioritise producing flawless items of the highest calibre. At every stage of the production process, we work to improve our products. Our commitment to high-quality manufacture without even the slightest manipulation is what sustains our widespread recognition.

    Satisfaction of Customers with Transparency

    We are aware of the demands, hopes, and challenges that our customers encounter. By combining this knowledge with cutting-edge technology, we create healthcare solutions to achieve our shared objective. In order to earn the trust of our stakeholders, we are totally committed to following the rules of transparency while conducting business and upholding every transaction with the utmost honesty.

    • The demands of our clients, who fuel the expansion and improvement of our company.
    • To pay close attention to what our clients require and then act appropriately.
    • To cultivate and create solid connections with our clientele.
    • To provide people with items that radically alter their life.

    The top producer of pills, capsules, liquid syrups, dry syrups, injections, herbal products, and ophthalmic medications worldwide is Glasier Wellness. Our extensive product line boasts guaranteed quality and high standards around the world.

    Glasier Wellness, a well-known brand in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, places a strong emphasis on the promise of scientific procedures and high standards around the world when it comes to providing goods and services to clients with a range of illnesses. One of the most reputable and well-known pharmaceutical chains in the nation, our commitment to quality has also won us the GMP Certification. In order to promote and distribute its extensive range of products, Glasier Wellness continually collaborates with different distributors, franchisees, and PCD franchises.

    One of the top names in the nation’s pharmaceutical industry and the best PCD pharma franchise company in India is Glasier Wellness Inc. With over 220 unique products, We offer the widest selection of medicines offered by any Indian company. Our strong brand presence in a range of therapeutic categories, from cough and cold to serious acute illnesses, attests to our breadth of knowledge. It makes sense that Glasier Wellness, India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical business, has a solid expansion strategy in place.

    Glasier Wellness is one of the leading pharmaceutical franchise businesses in India, outperforming its rivals by a wide margin. We provide PCD franchises all over India, giving our business partners excellent opportunities to grow their markets. You will be able to benefit from a number of benefits when working with us as a leading PCD pharma franchise company in India, including access to a:

    • Rights to a market monopoly
    • Less danger of brand harm
    • Minimal overhead
    • Minimal marketing expense
    • Huge earnings and revenue
    • Freedom to run your own business

    In order to find medication franchise companies, we, as a pharmaceutical firm, employ tried-and-true marketing and promotion strategies. Company owners won’t have to worry about taking on excessive risk with their finances because the investment is tiny.

    If you want to launch a pharmaceutical franchise business, Glasier Wellness, the top PCD pharma franchise company in India, offers the best opportunities in Ahmedabad. To choose the best items, don’t forget to look at the PCD Pharma Company product list on our website.

    The pharmaceutical market has expanded significantly over the last five years, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 20 to 25%. When compared to other nations, Indian pharmaceutical businesses produce and supply their goods at fair costs.

    • Drug License

    Having a drug license is crucial for conducting business in the pharmaceutical sector. If your field of work involves selling pharmaceuticals, medicines, etc., a drug license is required as a legally binding government-issued license. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act regulates it, and it is applicable to all states.

    • Pharma Company Selection

    Keep an eye out for pharma businesses that offer franchising opportunities and investigate each one in detail. One must investigate the company’s standing and market value before making a choice. It is crucial to investigate the key facets of the business you select, such as the product catalog, deals, and pricing list with net rate and MRP. ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications for product quality.

    • Pick the Product Range

    Choose the products based on client and consumer demand. Making decisions about products that are in line with market desires would be highly advantageous.

    • Investment

    Starting a pharma franchise business requires a small amount of finance. Keep a reserve of money on hand in case anything happens.

    Reputable top PCD pharma franchise company in India wants graduates to have a minimum of one year of sales experience. A person who has authorization from the department of Drug Control is also eligible for the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Pharma Franchise Businesses Must Register

    In accordance with government regulations, pharma franchise businesses must register legally. Online registration is possible with the completion of the application form and submission of several essential documents.

    We are committed to delivering game-changing medications that are igniting growth and adding value for patients and society, driven by cutting-edge science and our entrepreneurial culture.

    Advancing high-potential late-stage pipeline ideas while keeping a constant eye on ensuring sustainable product delivery.

    Advancing the next wave of disruptive biology with new scientific modalities like protracts, in vivo biologics, and cell therapy; new technological advancements and novel biological concepts.

    An improvement in patient experience and adherence is made possible by accelerating efforts in artificial intelligence, data science, and digital technologies.

    Maximizing profitability by controlling expenses and scaling effectively as we expand, driving growth through successful innovation and commercial excellence.

    Influencing and bettering every aspect of the patient experience, from illness prevention and screening to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

    Collaborating with healthcare funders to expand the use of value-based pricing approaches that put an emphasis on the results that our medicines provide for patients and healthcare systems.

    As a company, we have obligations to the patients and customers we serve, as well as to our staff, the communities in which we do business, and our shareholders.

    As a socially conscious company, we strive to:

    • Attract and retain the best talent; foster a safe and healthy work environment;
    • Treat all stakeholders fairly and ethically;
    • Prevent or minimise any environmental impact;
    • Promote innovation in product design;
    • Meet or exceed our statutory obligations and commitments;

    Generate profits for our shareholders.

    Every part of our business is governed by our global code of conduct. To make good health available and affordable to local communities and society at large, Glasier Wellness is a family of thousands of employees who operate in numerous states and speak a variety of languages. Glasier Wellness group works hard to ensure that as many people as possible have access to their right to good health. This is done via active fieldwork, committed research teams, and appreciation of those who toil silently behind the scenes to fight illness and disease. Our daily work practises are vital to us.

    We value establishing long-lasting, mutually beneficial connections with the people we do business with because we see them as allies in our quest for expansion. We are aware that client happiness is the key to success. The best results come from having strong working connections with all of our business partners and franchisees.

    • We value communication that is transparent and clear.
    • In order to better ourselves and realise shared objectives, we collaborate as a team.
    • To get the best outcomes, we work together with our business partners.
    • We are aware of and work to meet the goals of our business partners.
    • With our business partners, we want to establish durable, mutually beneficial relationships.